About Us


In so many cases projects will not progress as initially anticipated. Poor design and poor planning of a project is usually to blame, often leading to inferior workmanship. As a result space is wasted, costs spiral and the final product may not reach its full potential.

At Synergy Group, we have a dedicated team of Architects, Interior Designers, Consultant Engineers and Building Contractors. Our goal is to produce and deliver a project of creative design and professional workmanship within your timescale and financial budget.

We provide a complete service encompassing all elements of the design and construction process. Starting from the initial on-site brief, presentation and tender stages through to cost control, project management and finally construction.


We have the expertise to cater for a wide range of projects including:


Our team have vast experience within the domestic and lettings industry including student accommodation, offices and retail. We assess each project individually and ensure that the highest degree of thought and design is used in all our schemes and products.


The major benefit is that one company is managing and completing the entire project, this is both more efficient and cost-effective.  We will keep the client fully informed about who is doing what, when it is being done and how much it will cost, making for a less stressful and confusing process. The client understands who is ultimately responsible and will not be left chasing various parties to ensure progress.